Realistic dating & marriage

“Men and women must become enlightened to the fact that the central conflict in the war between the sexes is not about sexual attraction and charm but compatibility. Their mission as they date should be to determine if they possess enough similar interests, values and goals to share a life together. They must also decide if their personalities are compatible. Finally, they must ascertain if they can they flesh out complementary and supporting roles as a couple. This is a judgement that must be made with minds cleared from the intoxicating fumes of infatuation. A disciplined decision can spare men and women from a future flawed relationship.”
J. R. Bruns, M.D. in Repairing Relationships


About psychwork

Naturalist, Chemical Dependency Counselor, bibliophile, exercise enthusiast, conservative libetarian(?), home educator...I strive to devour the good in this world before the world devours me!
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