Children of the Chemically Dependent Left Behind?

Texas is currently wrestling with new laws to administer drug screening for potential welfare recipients. For many, this just sounds like a grand plan. Presumably for those who feel welfare is a free handout this may come as welcome news; cause for celebration as Texas renews the “good ol'” American way (whatever that is). For those on the other side of the fence, even the slight thought of a child or children going without because of the illness of a parent or parents seems barbaric. You can see the line of demarcation here. But here are some questions: should Texas neglect a child because the addict neglected the child? And what are we to make of the child’s development thereafter? Will the child experience increased risk for unstable and dangerous behavior as a result of more trauma? There must be a middle way here.


About psychwork

Naturalist, Chemical Dependency Counselor, bibliophile, exercise enthusiast, conservative libetarian(?), home educator...I strive to devour the good in this world before the world devours me!
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