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Detox rooms could decrease ER visits

“Certain very inebriated patients may be safely transported by emergency medical service (EMS) ambulance crews to a detoxification center rather than the ER, with minimal adverse events. A study of a protocol for pre-hospital evaluation and disposition of uncomplicated inebriates … Continue reading

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Twenty-percent of adults report mental illness in 2012

Though this number is holding steady, one has to wonder how many mental health concerns and illnesses¬†go unreported and untreated due to stigmas and lack of access to services. There is hope for those who are silently suffering. “Although mental … Continue reading

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Children of the Chemically Dependent Left Behind?

Texas is currently wrestling with new laws to administer drug screening for potential welfare recipients. For many, this just sounds like a grand plan. Presumably for those who feel welfare is a free handout this may come as welcome news; … Continue reading

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Realistic dating & marriage

“Men and women must become enlightened to the fact that the central conflict in the war between the sexes is not about sexual attraction and charm but compatibility. Their mission as they date should be to determine if they possess … Continue reading

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Snapping the Chain

Ending Mental Health Stigma in the African American Community

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Lost in the System

ScienceDaily¬†has an article about a study that further puts forth the claim that African-Americans get lost in a penal system that ignores the role substance abuse plays in criminality and highlights the need for better, more tailored educational programs and … Continue reading

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Improving Your Ability to Communicate

Some of this comes straight out of Mindulness 101 and definitely will prove useful. I wonder how many men and women ignore the unpleasant feelings they have when they initially start dating someone in favor of the more positive feelings … Continue reading

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